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legendary brands aren't born, they’re created

Legendary brands are not the product of happenstance or coincidence. They do not vacillate wildly from one extreme to another. Distinguished brands are centered on a set of principles that serve as a bedrock from which decisions are made. More often than not, you will find these brands rooted in strong leadership, and yes, personalities. The story of BowStern is the perfect combination of fictional facts and factual fiction…as Jimmy Buffett would say. But in the end, what you find are the core elements of a memorable brand.

How do you say it?
(baü -stərn) n.
Jonathan “Buddy” Stern and Nathanial Edgar Bow

During the 1950s, the American economy began its major upswing, with the marketing and advertising arenas maturing at an amazing rate. It was during these years that Jonathan “Buddy” Stern and Nathanial Edgar Bow first met.

Legend has it this encounter occurred in Cuba, aboard Ernest Hemingway’s yacht Pilar. Both men were invited down by the writer for the 1950 International Billfish Tournament being held in Havana.

No one knows for certain what transpired on that trip, but these two unlikely bedfellows returned to the U.S., and what followed was nearly four decades of legendary brands and award-winning marketing campaigns. Today, the spirit of Buddy Stern and Nathan Bow are alive and well in BowStern.

What happens in Cuba stays in Cuba?

Just as ours does, your brand must tell a story. When properly developed, it will inspire people beyond reason and turn them into loyal ambassadors. Our example “legend” is the way we introduce our clients and partners to the personality of BowStern. We are an agency full of strategic thinkers, savvy communications professionals and yes, creative story tellers. Let’s tell your story together.

Since 1950

Kilo: Desire to Communicate

Our logo is a simple, yet powerful mark: an internationally recognized maritime signal flag. Officially called the Kilo flag, it is recognized as a “k” when flown with other flags to spell out short messages. But when flown singularly from a ship, it simply means: Desire to Communicate. As an integrated marketing firm, we create meaningful ways for our clients to fulfill their desire to communicate with their customers and constituents.